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The Obro Company, specialized in the past ten years in the manufacturing of medical and surgical components, has the pleasure you launching its first 3D printer. After more than two years of research and development, numerous prototypes and hundreds of test hours for every aspect, the 3D Stratomaker printer is finally out.
Designed by a reputable Italian designer, it took over 30 plastic injection molds to create our printer. The 3D Stratomaker printer is fully assembled and settled in our workshops. Each printer is subjected to a series of tests before leaving our headquarters. For practical reasons, but also for confidentiality reasons, our workshops are not open to public. However, you can meet us and test our brand new 3D Stratomaker printer during trade shows or exhibitions dedicated to 3D printing, by visiting our display.
11 rue des Ecluses 34500 Béziers France

Email : info@stratomaker.com

Phone : +33(0)

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