Easy printing


Whether you are a professional or a regular user, allow yourself to be seduced by its simplicity and reliability.

Control Stratomaker from your computer, smartphone or by using the colored 5” touchscreen display, in a fully integrated environment.

Plug and Print


Stratomaker, amazingly simple. Enough with the tiresome calibrations. With auto-leveling, calibration becomes fully automatic. Send your files. Print.


Extruder tested and developed in just any possible conditions.

100% Connected


Manage Stratomaker from your computer, smartphone or directly from the integrated color 5” touchscreen display.

With the Wi-Fi connection, manage Stratomaker from a distance, view the print in progress and share your creations.



Solid and robust, Stratomaker prints objects with high precision and extreme accuracy.

The guidance system, based on PTFE bushings, connected to a very powerful electronic system, enables fluid and linear printing.

With the two heads option, you can print objects in two colors or create PVA support for unparalleled quality (available at the end of 2017).

Powerful electronics


We have based our development efforts on powerful electronics. Our motion control card is managed by a STM32
microprocessor. The microprocessor enables high speeds without compromising precision.

The embedded Pc facilitates updates and the operation of the 5”color touchscreen display.