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Machine 3D

Easy use

Its fluent and intuitive interface will surprise you, it’s really easy to use.

With a big touch screen, it will be easy for you to navigate and manage your printings just with your fingers.

Smart Design

Thanks to its clean and smart design, the Stratomaker fits in any environnement.

In the office, in a industrial environment, the Stratomaker will always find its place.


The printer is always online. Through its Wifi connection, you will be able to send your programs from your computer and follow the printing remotely thanks to its own webcam.

Even if you are far away, you will be able to control and maintain contact with your printer.

For the Industry

The Stratomaker is the perfect gear for the industry.

Carry out your prototypes, build your own spare parts and produce them in small series.

For designers

Create your compositions with the Stratomaker. Let your creativity fly and the printer will make it happen.

With the Stratomaker in your team, you will only need to focus on your creativity.

For Makers

Before 3D printers, it was difficult to produce most objects.

Today, you are limiteless, so let your imagination run wild.

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Imprimante 3D fiable


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Touch Screen

Acheter une imprimante 3D en ligne
  • Maintain contact with your machine

Our app for iOS & Android, gives your the power
to control and follow your printings remotely.

smartphone imprimante 3D
  • Real-time monitoring

Thanks to the on-board camera, you will be able to follow the progress of your printings in real time.

  • Real-time control

You can manage the settings remotely. Use your smartphone to start or stop a printing.

smartphone imprimante 3D